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Walkway Construction in Ottawa

You can add value to your Orleans property and make a lasting impression with a beautiful Brûlé Enterprises Ltd walkway. Walkways tend to get overlooked but they are a necessity for residential properties. No matter how much exterior remodeling you do, if your walkway is in bad condition or non-existent, your house will end up looking one dimensional. The added touch of a simple walkway pulls everything together by tying in the different elements of your yard, garden and house.

Walkways add a personal and homey touch, but more importantly, they add practicality. It saves your lawn and garden from being trampled by foot traffic, creating a pathway to guide your visitors and guests.

Affordable Custom Walkways

Allow us to create a walkway that not only caters to your personal style but fits your budget as well! You can choose a specific look for your walkway or if you are unsure of what you want, our team can help, we ensure guaranteed success. Our crew and designers will work alongside you to find a style that suits your needs. This means that the design, materials and even color will be custom choices. This will ensure that everything harmonizes with your exterior décor and adds to the aesthetic of your property.

We’ve earned ourselves a reliable and efficient reputation over the years, thanks to our hands on work ethic and satisfaction guaranteed policy. A project is only complete once we’ve surpassed your expectations. When it comes to quality walkways with lasting longevity, we are the pros! Our expert team of workers are dedicated to the job and no matter how big or small the task is, we always get it done on time.

Patios Construction

Did you know that a beautifully finished, modern and functional patio will add value to your Ottawa property? Patios really do transform the exterior look of your building, that’s why a crumbling, poor quality patio with faded and chipped paint will make even the most elegant of houses look dilapidated.

Patio Benefits

Patios are extremely beneficial additions and can really change the look of your home or workplace. Front and back patios add a lot of value to a property, and we believe it is a great and affordable way to upgrade your residential or commercial space without really disrupting your home or your bank account.

Create the Backyard of your Dreams

Anything is possible these days, in terms of innovative approaches when it comes to modernizing your home. You can add to your patio an outdoor kitchen, gazebo, pergolas and even a water feature. Patios used to be overlooked, and still are in some ways, but thanks to home renovation shows, architectural websites and home décor magazines, people are beginning to realize just how beneficial patios can be! You can create just about anything, in terms of style and functionality without having to spend a fortune!

Driveway Construction

Our crew consists of knowledgeable and skilled workers who will create the ideal driveway, one that fits your budget and your needs. This is why we make the effort to go over a list of varying options you can choose from. With so many different styles of interlock paver stones, we can help you choose the one with the most benefits. We can also build your Orleans driveway with the combination of interlock and asphalt. Brulé Enterprises Ltd takes the time to work alongside its clients to ensure that we create a look that suits their personal taste and style.

Curb Appeal

Did you know that a driveway can dramatically change the appearance of a home? Unfortunately, for a lot of Ottawa homeowners, that sometimes isn’t necessarily a good thing. Cracked asphalt, chipped cement and uneven discoloration are just a few things preventing the exterior of your home from looking its very best. We can discuss the pros and the cons with you and go over the details for each material, so you can make a decision based on functionality and preference. For more information, give us a call.