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Interlock Maintenance in Ottawa

At Brûlé Enterprises Ltd, we believe in teamwork and make it a priority to work alongside our clientele to create a customized plan that is functional, beautiful and budget friendly. You can’t go wrong with us by your side, especially when you use us for our professional interlock maintenance services. Our crew uses the latest methods and the top equipment so that your property can look its very best! If you’re sick and tired of dealing with weeds, roots or debris in your pavers, patio stones and other hard surfaces, our interlock maintenance team can help.

We’ll literally get to the root of the problem and remove those stubborn weeds for you without damaging your property and surrounding plant life.

What is Interlock Maintenance?

Interlock pavers are the stones that make up the hardscape flooring on your property. They are often used as the material for courtyards, driveways, poolside patios and park walkways. They are one of the most popular additions to a residential or commercial landscape because they look great and add great value to property. Interlock maintenance is a type of industrial style cleaning system that removes dirt, grime, stains, excess weeds, roots, debris and overgrown grass from your outdoor textiles. The methods Brûlé Enterprises Ltd uses prevents complications from arising and keeps your pavers looking their very best at all times.

Why Do I need Interlock Maintenance?

Just like your garden, yard, and shrubs; pavers are part of the landscape too and also need regular upkeep. Without proper maintenance, not only will your walkway or yard look messy and desolate; the pavers will begin to lose their functionality and fall apart. This occurs when there is a lack of sand between the interlock’s joints and weeds uproot the stones in your walkway, driveway, patio and other outdoor spots. This eventually will lead to major cracks, dents and other serious issues within its foundation and that will cost a lot of money to repair or replace.

When you hire Brûlé Enterprises Ltd you’re getting exceptional interlock maintenance services that are affordable, and environmentally friendly. Our services include pressure washing and applying top quality polymeric sand between the interlocking joints. We can also apply a sealer, which usually needs re-application every 3 of years.

The Benefits of Interlock Maintenance

One of the most beneficial aspects of interlock maintenance is the added durability. When you maintain your interlock stones, you are investing in your investment. You’ve already put so much time and effort into building a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing patio, driveway, courtyard or walkway, so why wouldn’t you invest in its conservation.

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